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History and brochures of several pram brands.

Luxury prams. Our background and motivation

Let us introduce ourselves.

and of course tell something about the dolls prams and fullsize prams.

We are Nelly en Rob Sloep, parents of three daughters and one grandson. We live in Lelystad, The Netherlands. Our daughters have been in an "English pram" when they were a baby. In 2008 we have started to collect English prams as a hobby. Given that a hobby, as almost any hobby, is expensive we have decided also to sell some prams again. But only after restoration. Restoring is done by Nelly and Rob does support her by making and taking care of the websites.

English prams.

To us an "English pram" is a high coach built pram with big uneven wheels and preferably laquered body. Our own pram was high and had uneven wheels but unfortunally no laquered body. The body was covered with fabric in burgundy, Nelly refurbished it to blue before our third daughter was born (see photos at the prams). Although we limit ourselves to prams from the 1930s to approx. the 1980s, we do have some prams older and newer, but they must be unusual like the pram with six wheels.
Dolls prams in English style are even harder to find. Meanwhile we do have some. Dolls prams will be restored or customized. It´s depending on the use and the client wishes, will it be used to play with or only to display dolls.

Wilson      Old prams:

Vintage prams or retro prams.

Currently "old prams" can be devided in two catagories, vintage prams and retro prams.

vintage prams really are old prams. They can be original, restored (as we prefer) or restored and customized (like our gothic pram).
Original prams are prams which never have been restored or adjusted, so in original state. Mostly these prams are worn by ageing.
Restored prams are prams which have been brought back to the state they were as they left the factory as good as possible, preferably with original materials. Of course the pram will last longer. Of the era we prefer it means most prams are able to be used again.
Restored and customized prams do have an old pram as base and then adjusted to modern standards or colours.

Retro prams are new prams made in old style. Silver Cross and Inglesina do still provide these.

Online museum and pram parades.

A hobby is only fun if others can enjoy it too. That´s why we´ve started to put all the prams we have or have had online. If one does this one likes to put as many information to them as possible and that´s how things grow. Therefore we now have beside information about the prams, also all kinds of information about the brands and producers.
We hope to receive more interesting information of the visitors to this site.

The present and the future.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to get prams, parts aswel information. Prams are a matter of seeking, lots of patience and much luck to find one that´s desired. We´ve decided to try to find suppliers of parts. It takes lots of time and lots of effort to find but at least we can provide tyres, straps and mattress. To other parts we often can find a solution too. Finding data of prams, brands and producers is by far the most difficult. Particullary catalogues (including names or numbers), stories about the old factories or the history of brands are very hard, sometimes even impossible, to discover.
We hope visitors to this site who can help us, or know people who can, will contact us or send us what we´re looking for. We don´t have to get the fysical stuff, if one wants to keep it themselves we will be delighted with scans.
It might be unrealistic, but having a real pram museum remains a wish of ours.

Poppen- & Kinderwagen Museum (Dolls Prams & Fullsize Prams Museum.

Meanwhile we have a foundation to our collection of prams and started a Museum in Lelystad (NL). After two years the museum has moved and is now located in Zwolle. In the museum you will find our own prams aswell as prams donated to the museum and prams of others, put at disposal. More about the museum you can find at