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History and brochures of several pram brands.

Solid tires/tyres for dolls prams and fullsize prams

The tire/tyre Paradise.

Tires/tyres we can supply

Pram tires.

Tires in different sizes.

We supply different types of tires.

New profile

Starting April 2017, we have used a new, self-designed profile. This profile is made of a different material to our previous profiles and make perfect adhesion. The profile is widely used for rims with an inner dimension of 15 mm. Among others, most of the Dutch, British, Belgian and Scandinavian prams from the period 1950 - 1990, we can provide with this profile to new tires again. However, we also provide some old profiles, to be used for for dolls prams and antique prams.

Tires exactly tailored.

Most of our tires we deliver tailor-made. This comes from a profile we receive at a length of 100 meters and we ourselves cut the right length and then glue or weld. If this happens, the connection is almost invisible.
Mainly we deliver off-white profile but of our round profiles we have a black version, so we also supply tires to be used at antique Victorian prams.

Dolls prams tires.

Starting of December 2017, we have used a new, self-designed smaller profile. suitable to rims of 12 - 15 mm.

If you think you still need another kind of tire please contact us. We sometimes have some differendt tires that we do not show here.

To order:

Click here for the explanation of how to properly order the tires,
and the mounting description.

The profiles

Top is the tread.

Default profile

Type B.
This is our most used profile.

Small profile

Type Bp.
This is a narrower profile for smaller rims.
For example for larger dolls prams.